Unpacking, Re-packing, TV

Jon and I got back last night from New York/Long Island/Philly roadtrip that we took, when I was immediately dropped off at one of my mom’s friend’s home to play a rousing game of Bunco.  I live a crazy life, WATCH OUT.

Tomorrow I leave for a week in St. Thomas, so today I have to unpack, do 3 loads of laundry, re-pack, catch up on a weeks worth of DVR (including 18 episodes of Friends), SHAVE MY LEGS and take my husband out to dinner to celebrate his birthday.  And by take him out to dinner I mean, Mom and Dad— where are you taking us??

Yeah, not joking.  I have a busy day.

A couple of weeks before Christmas I got this brilliant idea that we could DIY for my parent’s Christmas gift.  My mom had been wanting a wine rack to put under the desk in the kitchen that she never uses.  With all of my vast knowledge on woodworking Jon’s handyman skills I figured he could whip one right up.  So off to Home Depot we went.

An hour and a shopping cart full of wood later we were headed home.  Jon cut and sanded all of the wood while I cheered him along watched Law and Order reruns.  Then he let me try the nail gun!

Thanks for getting my face in the picture, babe.

Next step- put the assembled rack under the desk.

And fill with wine…

If you come over we’ll pop open a bottle of Chardonnay (it’s all my mom drinks and it’s free wine so DEAL WITH IT).  Cheers.

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