See ya next week, Community College.

Since I claim in the headlines of this blog that I will talk about the joys of Community College I figured there was no better time to start blogging about it then the Saturday before classes are to start.  However, I am sitting at a table in Ronald Reagan Airport about to board a plane to St. Thomas.  See ya later Community College!  Suckers.

I’m missing the first week of classes because my friend Kelly over at Year of Pics invited me to enjoy warm weather and fruity cocktails.  I mean, seriously- who can say no to that?

Back to Community College (suckers)… By far my most interesting class this semester was Biology.  Being that biology was the only class I needed to complete my Associates Degree I thought it rather important that I pass the class.  I walk in the first day of class completely out of place.  Here I am a married woman, able to purchase booze without a fake ID and more than $27 in my bank account.  At least I had one thing in common with the rest of the kids: I LIVE WITH MY PARENTS.

So I look around and most of the lab tables are already full, and I plop myself down at a table with one other guy.  In the next few minutes two more just out of high school boys walk in and also sit at the table.  Since I have the humor of an adolescent male we bonded with no problem.  Too bad I quickly realized this class was going to kick my ass (the average test score on the first exam was a 34%, thank God for grading on a curve) so it wouldn’t be all fun and games.  While I had an extremely fun lab group I found myself doing the majority of the work.

Evidence of such:

But by far the best part of this class was Mad Mark (named changed, but trust me, he knows who he is).  Apparently this kid had earned the nickname in high school.  I thought it was a joke because he was so quiet and nice.  Toward the end of the first class I fully understood why he had been given this nickname.  Our lab group (remind you it consists of me and 3 teenage boys) had been joking around and having fun the entire lab.  We were freezing goldfish to see if they would breathe faster or slower in colder temperatures.  MIND BLOWING STUFF FOLKS.  We get to the end of class and we’re all gathered round, I’m standing there minding my own business not even talking.  All the sudden Mad Mark comes up to me and starts yelling (IN FRONT OF THE ENTIRE CLASS) “I’m really sick of you!  You have been nothing but sarcastic all day, and when I asked you if you’re a sarcastic person you said “Noooo….” but you are sarcastic!!”

Um, Mad Mark, clearly I was being sarcastic when I said I wasn’t a sarcastic person.  CATCH UP.

Later in the semester Mad Mark would do things like walk behind one of the other guys in the lab group, look at the direction of that little swirl that guys have on the back of their head and go “Clockwise, hmm…” and then just walk away.  Or he would ask “Did you have class before this” and when we answered yes he would go “hmmm” and continue writing whatever he was writing.

Mad Mark is currently in the process of writing a Science Fiction novel.  I got the joy of reading a couple of pages and personally I think it should be evaluated by a professional psychologist.

Moral of the story: socialize your children young.

(Note: Person pictured is not “Mad Mark”)

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