Happy Brithday, Baby Boy

Today is my baby boy’s 2nd birthday.  A year and a half ago this milestone seemed like it would never be reached.  Brady came home March 2008 as a 6 week old puppy mill rescue and looked a little something like this:

Fast forward to July 3 and Brady gets the routine snip snip.  He came home a little drugged up, pooped in the living room and looked a little like this:

Then a month later, he of course jumped off a pier into the sand (after his first successful swim lesson!!) and fractured his tibia, requiring another 2 surgeries.

A month after his final leg surgery he swallowed a sewing needle, and we rushed him into emergency stomach surgery.

We’ve officially made it a year without a surgery!!!  YOU GO BRADY!

This little man quickly became the center of our little world.  Two walks a day even when the weather was ZERO DEGREES, 6 am wake up calls on weekends and lots of torn up toys later and here we are.

Besides weasling himself into our lives he has also managed to weasle his way into the bedroom:

And into the bathroom:

Even into our cake topper:

So even though the hubs is out of town until Wednesday, Brady and I still celebrated.  We made Banana Doggie Cupcakes with a whipped cream cheese frosting.

A little bit of ground up dog food:

Jiffy Banana Mix:

Eggs, evaporated milk…

Mix, and bake in cupcake foils at 350 for 15 minutes.  Decorate with whipped cream cheese and banana slice:

And serve!!  (I cut it up ‘cause my dogs will swallow it whole otherwise)

Happy 2nd Birthday, Love!

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