And…cue reality check.

For the past seven glorious days this is what I woke up to

That’s right Community College, you can SUCK IT.

Now, I may be a week behind in all of my classes and eager to learn dreading my return because at Community College you can’t enjoy these at 9am

When I arrived in St. Thomas we made a pit stop so I could stock up on the essentials: Wild Cherry Pepsi and Sunscreen.

After we were stocked up on the essentials we headed for the beach.  Seven beautiful days were ahead of us.  We would spend time looking at EVERY DIAMOND ON THE ISLAND OF ST. THOMAS, snorkeling and even a day trip to St. John on a mystical sailboat that made Kelly so nauseous she shared her corn flakes with the fishies.

Here’s a photo of me looking beyond cool about to snorkel:

I kept forgetting that I can actually breathe while above water, so I was constantly wearing the snorkel.  I was clearly in enough of a euphoric state that I remembered I could take it out to smile.  Too bad opening my eyes and smiling at one time proved too difficult a task.

That man’s butt behind me is not the hubs.  He didn’t get to come ‘cause HE’S NOT A CHICK.

In our down time we watched an absurd amount of Friends (not much different from my everyday life), ate lots of caesar salad (some call it an obsession, I call it DELICIOUS) and got my tan on.

Thanks to Diane, Patti, Kelly and Sue for a fantastic week!

Anyone have a number for a nerd I can pay to do my homework?

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