Superbowl, Snow Days and Doggie Play Dates

This past weekend we had 3+ feet of snow which meant not leaving the house for two days, shoveling craploads of snow and two of the happiest dogs you ever did see.  Since there was absolutely no chance of cars getting out on Saturday the dogs took advantage of a rare opportunity and spent the day running up and down the street, convinving neighbors to throw snowballs for them.

Besides the usual relaxing we baked a bit, shoveled AGAIN and broke up a couple of dog disagreements that broke out when they decided that the ball they’ve had FOR THE LAST ELEVEN MONTHS was suddenly the most important thing in the world.

Here is some documentation of the biggest snowstorm in the last 15 years.

Oh wait, THAT WAS LAST WEEK.  Back to the snow!

On Sunday night we watched the Superbowl and invited Brady’s friend Petunia over (we also allowed her Daddy, conveniently the hubs bff, to come over for the best commercial watching football game of the year.

The one second I got all 3 dogs to sit:

How happy does Brady look there?

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