How much do you want a date?

A couple of weeks ago I got an email from a former co-worker from the dating service.  She had recently found out that 2 of our former clients had gotten engaged.  Here are a couple of stories that did not lead to engagement (or a second date).

Client #1: Let’s call him Colorado.  Seriously, his name was 1 letter off from being Colorado.  Colorado is 29 and still living in Queens with his parents.  He goes out to a fancy restaurant with an attractive young lady and orders a salad.  Salad comes and he complains “I don’t like this salad.  I only like the salads that my mom makes out of her garden.”

Wahhhh.  Colorado did not get a second date.

Client #2: Wore a Mickey Mouse watch and talked like Elmo.  And he was not trying to be ironic.

Client #3: Was a bus driver in New Jersey and would only date lawyers.  We would tell his dates that he worked in “Transportation” and then screen calls the day after they went out with him so we wouldn’t get an earful from an angry lawyer.

Suddenly the hubs not picking up his underwear doesn’t seem so bad.

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