The funniest woman I know…

Is my mother.  She is 100% ridiculous, out of control and she doesn’t even know it.  And the best part is— her identical twin sister, my namesake Aunt Joan.  I would say they are tied for first place as funniest woman ever, put them together and it’s a non-stop comedy show.

Here they are busting a move at my wedding.

You did notice the hubs and I in the background while the twins break it down, right?  The other night at dinner Mom went to open a bottle of wine.  She twisted for a while and then pulled the cork out.  Well, half of the cork.  The hubs had to retrieve the other half of the cork, and then I took this picture:

As I was taking this picture she said “You better not put this on that blog thing of yours!!” Oh Mom, don’t you know that when you tell your kid not to do something it makes them want to do it THAT MUCH MORE.

Mom also has a reputation for finding money (like a QUARTER, one time a dollar.  That was a big day.) when we go skiing.  She one time knocked over the entire family of 4 on a quad lift to get a quarter.  I’m sure all of the skiers on the lift appreciated the extra time to take in the view while the lift operator stopped the lift to help us recoup.  But hey, she got a QUARTER!!

Look guys, a penny!  And it’s lucky!!

Mom does not know how to sit still.  It’s unbelievable, I’ve never met anyone who is more active.  Since she’s a teacher (kids, watch out!) she has summers off.  This past summer she stripped wallpaper in 2 rooms, repainted both, had the kitchen tiled (after trying to learn how to do it herself), re-decorated my childhood bedroom, had hardwood floors installed in 2 rooms (after trying to convince my dad that they could do it themselves), had a second patio laid and stained both patios. And that’s without mentioning caring for her 10,000 gardens, mowing the lawn with a push mower three times a week and walking the dogs twice a day.

The other day she asked me if I wanted to help her organize paper.  ORGANIZE PAPER.  No thanks Mom, I’m pretty swamped with watching tv.

Since Mom specifically asked me not to blog about her you’ll have to excuse me.  I have some packing to do.

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