One of those weekends…

This weekend was one of those.  We went from having 2 weekend long commitments to having none pretty quickly, so on Friday night we found ourselves asking the age old question “What to do?”  My mom was out of town at a scrapbooking weekend (which in reality means drinking with her twin sister with their ORGANIZED PAPER nearby).

Crazy stuff, folks.

So Friday night the hubs, the dad and I all went out for some good old fashioned American Barbecue.  As the dad and the hubs discussed their mutual standpoint on Tiger Woods, internet routers and hard drive backups (those were the only words I caught that I understood) I drifted off to think about what shoes I wanted to wear the next day (cream pumps with a gray bow).

Saturday we decided we MUST see Avatar before it goes out of theaters, because IT’S JUST NOT THE SAME if you don’t pay $13 to see giant bug like creatures jumping out at you in 3D.  After that we headed out to the Apple store because I had finally convinced the hubs it was time for a new computer.  My laptop I’ve had for 10 gazillion years was on its last leg and I’M IN COMMUNITY COLLEGE so I need a top notch 21 inch iMac, naturally.  Two days later and I finally get to use it!  The hubs kept claiming he was transferring my old files onto it, but it appears he “accidentally” transferred his work files, and set his email and Facebook logins.  Delete.  Whoops.

Now if only I could find a way to get this desktop onto the couch so I can shop online do my schoolwork while watching Friends reruns.

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