I don’t have a job.

In my business class last night we were supposed to report back on what kind of company we worked for (LLC, S-Corp, Sole Proprietorship etc).  The class is a night class, so it’s mostly made up of older students, holding full time jobs and going to school at night.  And then there’s me, the 20 something newlywed living with her parents and off of her husband.  I’m generally the most vocal in the class (go figure) and so whenever the professor asks a question he immediately looks at me (and I swear that has nothing to do with the fact that I am generally shouting out a response before he’s finished asking the question).

So back to the “what kind of company do you work for” question.  He asks the question and then naturally looks directly at me.  But instead of shouting out “I WORK FOR AN S-CORP” I sit there silently and look into space.  So of course instead of trying to get a bit of DIVERSITY for gods sake he asks me what kind of company I work for.  And wouldn’t you know it every clever response that I should have responded with (“My job is to keep my husband satisfied” or “I have a very stressful job babysitting two hours a week and the occasional Saturday afternoon” or “I used to have a really cool job at a dating service and it was a FRANCHISE”) but instead I hung my head and said “I don’t have a job.”  The teacher repeated my sentence dumbstruck, considering this was a night class for working adults.  Needless to say I felt dumb the rest of class.

At least I was wearing great shoes.

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