The Blind Situation

Since my dear mother is kind enough to do ridiculous things on a daily basis I decided I would write about her weekly.  I will try to post one of her great stories every Monday, but if I don’t get around to it until Tuesday because I’m so busy—you know not working and all, please forgive me.

Let’s call mom Jean.  Her name has of course been changed for anonymity.

Recently Jean has been on a kick of putting new blinds up in every room.  And by putting new blinds up I mean buying them and then asking the hubs if he would put them up for her.  Why new blinds?  Because she can’t sit still.  A couple of weeks ago the hubs installed new blinds in all of the upstairs windows.  Then Jean deemed it necessary to put new blinds in the two main windows in the living room (but not in the bay window).  Saturday afternoon the hubs was putting finishing touches on the blinds in the living room when in movie perfect timing Jean walks in with one more set of blinds.  ONE.  There are THREE windows that make up the bay window, but she has purchased one.  Allegedly one of the blinds had broken and to keep their dog from barking at things at night they needed new blinds immediately.

Before heading out of the room my dad makes a comment to the effect of “Now all of our blinds will be cordless so now worries for the dogs.”  Well to be exact, all of the new blinds EXCEPT THE ONES MOM JUST GOT will be cordless.  Yes folks, she got a different model for this one window.  So the hubs decides to not say anything and just hang the blinds.  He gets them installed, lowers them down and THEY’RE TOO SHORT.   A foot too short, to be exact.

Nice job with the measurements, Jean.

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