If I don’t gamble away my babysitting money this week is looking up.

Well this week started out like total crap.  I won’t go into details of my misery but let’s just say everyone has their life mapped out and I feel like I’m in high school trying to figure out what I want to do with my life.  The only difference between now and then was now I’m dragging a husband along and I drive a better car. 

Then I decided to wake up and realize I have the worlds most amazing husband and a damn good family to boot.  And I’m not one of those crappy singers this season on American Idol.  (I’m a crappy singer, but I’m not on American Idol).  Uninspired.

Fast forward to this morning.  I boarded a plane to meet the hubs out in Las Vegas.  Now I’m normally the type of person that won’t look up from her book or take her headphones out and I’m clearly implying “DON’T TALK TO ME.”  But the universe would have none of it.  I got to sit next to this lady:

This is Lesa.  She was on her way to Vegas for her annual girls week.  Her son in law nearly burnt down her house making bagel bites, which resulted in $65,000 of smoke damage (good thing she had some good insurance ‘cause she got to remodel her whole downstairs!).  Lesa is a grandmother to 2 baby boys from her 22 year old daughter.  The youngest was born two weeks ago.  If you want to hear his birth story send me a message!

After what felt like hours of listening to glorious birth stories from Lesa and about how she took in a one legged homeless man I got to our hotel, Aria which is brand new and beautiful.  You touch your key card to your door and the door automatically opens.  Then when you walk in the curtains open, the tv turns on and the lights all come on.  Everything is controlled from this little remote.  It’s amazing.  If only my mom were here to ask me 10 million questions about how to turn on the lights and WHY DO THE CURTAINS KEEP OPENING AND CLOSING??

Now if you’ll excuse me I think I’ll go catch up with Lesa and her lady friends over a rousing game of Texas Hold Em.

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