Illusions, Long Walks and Losing Money.

During our trip to Vegas we took exactly two pictures.  This coming from a former photography student and her husband who was in Vegas on business with his CAMERA COMPANY might come as a surprise.  We seriously take the least amount of pictures for two people who have the most interest in photography.  Maybe when we have kids we’ll want to savor memories of them, but as for now we have our imaginations and we didn’t find it necessary to take many photos of losing our money in the casino.

We decided to check out Penn and Teller of Showtime’s Bullshit which turned out to be a hilarious and mystifying hour and 25 minutes.  Unfortunately five minutes were lost listening to the drunk group from LONG ISLAND behind us that were so loud and annoying the hubs actually turned around and asked them to SHUT UP.  If you’ve ever met the hubs you would know this is totally out of character for him and I was shocked.  I guess we’ve all learned that you don’t get between him and magic tricks.  Luckily for us the group got up and left the show just minutes later because they didn’t understand what was happening.  IT’S CALLED ILLUSIONS PEOPLE.

At the suggestion of my friend Meghann we decided to take a couple of hours and try Indoor Skydiving.  You get approximately 3 minutes of airtime for $65 but it was totally worth it.  We had such a blast.  Unfortunately you can’t take pictures while you’re in there because this is what happens to things that interact with the fan:

Afterwards I asked the hubs to take a picture of me in the suit they made us wear and an Asian lady was kind enough to offer to take a photo of us together.

Thanks for the photo of us in our skydiving outfits.  My recommendation to the Asian lady: stick to the video camera.  (Just kidding bro, you know I think the world of your photos.)

Then the hubs and I ended up walking back to our hotel, about 3 miles away.  We woke up the next day with our butt muscles seriously hurting.  For two skinny people we are seriously out of shape.

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