9 is rounded down to 3, naturally.

It’s like she’s handing me gift wrapped stories on a weekly basis.  Hmmm, what am I going to write about?  Oh yea, that crazy thing my mom did this weekend.

Her latest project is installing lights under the cabinets in the kitchen.  There are already lights ABOVE the cabinets, but apparently she’s been dying to get ones installed underneath.  The electrician was coming on Friday to start the wiring process, which would include coming down to my apartment living room (which is directly below her kitchen) and making a few TINY holes in the ceiling.  When I think a few tiny holes I think of a pencil sized hole and maybe three of them.

When I got home Friday night and went down to my apartment I saw that there were NINE large holes.  The conversation went something like this:

Me: Woah, those are a lot bigger than what I expected!

Jean: Yea, I know.

Me: So, when is he coming back to patch them up?

Jean: Oh well he’s done with that part, so we can get them patched up whenever.

Me: When is the guy coming to patch them up?

Jean: Well…I was hoping your husband could patch them up.

Me: Wait, you knew IN ADVANCE that there would be 10 holes in our ceiling and that this electrician would not patch them up, but you decided not to tell us until it was too late?

Jean: There’s only like 3 holes, can’t Jon just do it?

There are NINE holes total.  In my world nine is generally rounded to ten, not THREE.

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