It’s a good day.

When I first moved to New York City I got a job working at a popular children’s store and quickly became great friends with the regional manager, Linda.  I was privileged enough to ring the bell at the opening of the New York Stock Exchange the day our company went public, meet celebrities and run their children’s birthday parties and even go to the Chanel Headquarters and meet their president.  Look— that’s me in the president of Chanel’s office. 

An end table that looks like a bottle of No. 5… what more could you ask for, besides a pink tweed couch?

When Linda left the children’s store she became the manager of a dating service, that she quickly brought me over to when a position opened. We worked there together for a couple of years, until we resigned at the same time.  It’s safe to say that Linda was the closest thing I had to family in New York.  She would even make me take vitamins, give me the number for doctors that I needed and planned my meals when she was fed up with my diet of all fast food.

All Linda ever wanted her entire life was to be a mother.  And I am proud to announce that at the age of 40 she and her husband are expecting a baby girl.

Congrats Linda, I could not be more excited for you!

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