Chairs, pillows and laundry fairies (oh my)!

This past Saturday the hubs and I had nothing to do for the first time in a very long time, so we decided to take a mini road trip to Ikea to look for a new computer chair for me. I was really set on a comfy kitchen chair that was stationary (the computer is on carpet and I don’t find myself needing to roll around frequently) while the hubs in the first time in the history of Jon and Joan wanted to spend more money on a nicer chair.  As we were leaving Ikea sans desk chair we went into the “As Is” section for a quick browse.  In the fabric bin I found the $25 chair cover for the chair hubs was against buying marked down to $6.  The only reason it was marked down— it wasn’t in a package.

The savings of $19 was enough to convince the hubs that maybe this chair wasn’t so bad after all.  So with chair cover in hand we went back and picked up the box containing the chair, purchased them and then tried to shove them into the back of the Mini. 

(Note to self: Bring larger car when going to Ikea.)

As the hubs assembled my new chair I threw together a couple of throw pillows.  I had been noticing that although Brady’s custom bed and pillow tied in with our bed, our bed did not tie in with his.  Solution: make more pillows!

Is that not the cutest matching parent and dog bed ever?

Before I was even done the pillows the hubs had finished putting the chair together.

I have to say I think this chair stood out as front runner because it has the same name as Client # 3.

The hubs is off to LA in a couple of hours so I better finish his laundry before he realizes it isn’t the laundry fairy who picks his clothes off the floor and magically puts them clean and folded where they belong.

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