Give us the crazy.

Jean has seriously been on a roll.  Coming soon I will start keeping you updated with a chart that documents her project ideas, start and finish dates along with who actually carries out these projects.  Cause let’s be honest, Jean has a lot of great ideas but my husband or a hired handyman usually are the ones doing the grunt work here.

Last night we were talking and she was fully aware that a new post about her was coming because COME ON, you can’t do all of this stuff and not let the world know about it.  On Wednesday Jean got a call that her new under cabinet lights were in.  Since the place is an hour away and closes at 1pm she could only go out on a weekend to pick them up.  BUT THEY’RE IN NOW!!!  Instead of waiting 3 days to go pick them up she asked me to get them for her, even though she doesn’t have a scheduled time for the electrician to come install them.  (Or someone to repair our ceiling, for that matter.)

This all started because I offered to pick up her dry cleaning.

So before I drove an hour to pick up the I took out her mail (see picture below) then picked up the lights, drove an hour back AND THEN picked up her dry cleaning.  The lights are sitting in their packages, untouched.

Here is the front and back of an envelope Jean was mailing:

Anyone else catch what’s wrong there?  I’ll keep you posted if it gets sent or returned.

When she got home from work she decided to go power blast the new patio.  You see, last year when she had this patio laid she decided to stain both patios.  She power blasted the old patio, but did not power blast the new one.  When we got the blizzards this winter it chipped the paint off of the patio she had not power blasted, while the other patio remained in perfect condition.  Now she has to power blast the paint off and start over.

Look at Jean in all her glory!  Later we were talking and she was like “I have a story for your blog”.  You do, Mom?  This should be good.  She continued to tell me that I should write about how she does these projects after jogging 3 miles AND THEN taking the dogs on a walk around the park.  I told her that my readers (hi sister and husband) don’t want to hear about her healthy lifestyle, GIVE US THE CRAZY.

Oh, and happy year and a half anniversary hubs!

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