Happy Anniversary, Times 2

On Friday I blogged a happy one and a half year anniversary wish to the hubs.  Thursday I had noticed that the date on my watch was March 26th, meaning the next day (the 27th for those of you that aren’t quite up to speed) would be our one and a half year wedding anniversary.  So on Friday when I got home from babysitting the hubs had surprised me by buying my favorite ice cream (vanilla drumsticks with a caramel center), flowers and hanging the floating bookshelf we’ve had for almost a year but have been too busy completing Jean’s projects while ours get forgotten.

If you could zoom in you would see that one of the books is “The Ninja Handbook”.  The hubs thought he could sneak that one past me, but it’ll be quite a surprise when it accidentally gets thrown into the recycle bin.

We enjoyed a lovely anniversary.  Then Saturday morning I glance at a calender for some reason and realize that TODAY is the 27th.  Neither the hubs nor I realized we were celebrating a day too soon.  So we went out for a dinner and movie date to celebrate AGAIN.  It’s been a whole month and I’m just now figuring out that the date on my watch is a day off.

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