This one’s for you, Sissy.

A couple of weeks ago I was telling my mom how I needed to stop and pick up a composition book.  My physics teacher was allowing us to use any notes we had taken in composition books for our lab exam.  Mom told me not to waste my money (all 99 cents that one costs) because she had a whole stack of available books at school.

That week passed and then another and then I told mom on Friday “The test is on Monday, today’s the last day you can bring a book home” so she said she would bring one.  Friday came and went and no composition book came home.  On Monday realizing I was going to have to take this test with no advantage of notes I decided to scour the house in hopes of finding a spare book.  And boy did I find one.  My sister’s first grade spelling journal, an antique at 20 years old.

So I turned to the first available page and started inputting my notes.  Before the exam our professor went around checking each book to make sure we hadn’t put any lab worksheets in our book and probably found it quite interesting that I was using a first grader’s spelling journal, especially considering the name on the front is neither my first name or current last name.

This is my favorite entry: Prars for ever night (hopefully) to Jeues

Intelligence obviously is hereditary in this family.

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