A win for the nerds.

It was an exciting day for the men in our household.  My dad was up early on April 3rd waiting for the UPS delivery man like a kid on Christmas.  Yes, he was waiting for the world’s largest iPhone.

No?  That’s not what it is?  Now that I’ve seen it in person, made a few phone calls and played with it a bit and am now rethinking my decision to get the Nook from Barnes and Noble.  Decisions, decisions.


Meanwhile the hubs had been trying to decide which ridiculously large television he wanted to buy.  WITH MY MONEY!  You read that right, folks!  We decided to use my nannying money to buy our “wants” and designate his salary to the boring things, like car payments and student loans.  Now I can go around the house pointing out things and screaming “THAT TV WAS BOUGHT BECAUSE THE KID HAD A MELTDOWN”  and “LOOK THAT WAS BOUGHT WITH MONEY FROM MAKING CHICKEN NUGGETS!” 

So the hubs, being the mega planner that he is analyzed every television, every store and every deal.  We (and by we I mean he) finally decided on one and Saturday morning we headed over to Best Buy to purchase it.  While one sales associate was in the back getting the tv another associate tells us that last month’s model is still available, and is $100 less.  It has the same exact specs (no idea what that means, I just kept hearing them say that) and looks identical.  So the hubs walked out of Best Buy with a 42 inch tv and $100 extra in his pocket.  That’s something all your planning won’t get ya, hubs!

I was not exaggerating about his ability to plan.

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