This week I’ve been spoiled getting to spend all day every day with my favorite baby and her Mama.  Tess’s Mama, Emilie has been one of my best friends since we were nine years old.  We met in Girl Scouts and my first memory of her was watching her cry at Girl Scouts.  And hey!  Fifteen years later and I get to watch her baby cry!  (Except not really because Tess is one of the happiest babies imaginable.)   Even after moving around the country and back we still manage to talk almost every day, and of course be ‘maids in each others weddings.

Emilie got married in December a few years ago, so we were nearly frostbitten trying to take this picture:

The hubs insisted on getting married in the fall so that he wouldn’t be too hot in a tux, and while I complained about the long engagement the weather was absolutely perfect.

Emilie was brave enough to let me put her kid in old rocking chairs in the middle of a field to take a few pictures.

And now for the cute baby overload:

Mere seconds after this picture was taken Tess fell face first off the chair.  Aunt Joan is not allowed to put babies in rocking chairs anymore.

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