With or without lemon?

I’m always teasing my friend Melissa over at Baby Rocks about her inability to make a decision when we go out to eat.  She’s all “Should I get the side salad or the seafood buffet?  What exactly comes in the side salad?”  And without fail the waitress tilts her head to the side and goes “huh?”  

Well this weekend I realized that my husband has just a hard time deciding between the side salad and seafood buffet but to the hundredth degree.  Saturday started off at the mall, where the hubs was looking for new sneakers.  And by new I mean he wanted to re-buy a pair of black Adidas sneakers that he’s had since before we met.  But much to his dismay they are no longer available, so (much to my dismay) we had to try on every pair of black sneakers in the mall.  He tried on a couple pairs at one department store while the sales associate who was standing there like an eager puppy ready to make a sale is practically panting from excitement of finally getting us to buy shoes and leave the store is hovering nearby.  Finally he says “I’m going to have to think about it.”  So we go to the food court so we can re-fuel and think about this monumental decision. 

We get to the food court. 

Me:  I’m getting a salad.  Are you getting Chick-fil-A?  (He always gets Chick-fil-A without fail, but I’m just hoping to prompt him along because HE CAN’T MAKE DECISIONS).

Hubs: I want to look around first.

Ten minutes later he meets me with his stack of chicken nuggets and waffle fries. 

Finish food, go back to the department store.  Tries on the same shoe in multiple colors.  Buys the first shoe he tried on three hours ago.

Later that night we went on a date to a cafe downtown.  The waitress asks “Do you want lemon in your water?”  The hubs stares into space like he’s really debating: lemon or no lemon?  In my head I’m screaming “LEMON! LEMON!  YOU ALWAYS GET LEMON!!”  When the hubs finally says “I think I’ll have lemon.”

It’s free you know.  It shouldn’t be that hard.

Now to backtrack a bit, the hubs has been looking to buy a motorcycle since he sold his when we left New York last summer.  He found one on Craig’s List that he wanted to go see so on Thursday he drove 40 minutes to look at the bike.  Then on Saturday he drove 40 minutes to go test drive the bike.  Sunday he made me drive 40 minutes with him because he finally decided to buy the bike.

It took me 10 minutes to buy my Mini Cooper.

I seriously can not fathom how he decided that I was the one he wanted to marry two years before we started dating.  He can’t make a decision about lemons but somehow he knows right away about marriage.  Oh hubs. 

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