Icing Blobs

Well, the hubs got put in time out yesterday.  I got the camera all ready to take a picture for the blog and turn on the tv and IT’S GONE.  He deleted my blog post.

You see last week when I was fast forwarding through the American Idol results show to get the results I noticed that the description of the show was “Ellen DeGeneres and some other people judge the contestants.”  And it just tickled me so.  If only I could see Simon’s reaction as he was described as “some other people.”

And why did the hubs delete it?  I guess the world may never know, but I now I’ll never get to see that performance from Rhianna that I fast forwarded through, NOW AM I? 

But I digress.  Last night I had cake decorating class.  I’m taking Level 2 of Wilton’s cake decorating at my local Joann Fabrics.  And it takes a lot more skill than level one.  A lot of skill that I just don’t have the time or patience to master.  The instructor will tell us to practice these flowers at home, but who has the time for that?  I have a full DVR to catch up on, SORRY.

So the instructor is going around helping us perfect our technique, and she picks up an icing flower (well, really a leaf, but that’s beside the point) that is sitting next to me.  She gets really excited and is all “Oh my gosh, this is amazing, you’re doing so well!!!!”

Um, I hate to break up this celebration of me, but that was the flower you did as an example.  THIS blob is my flower:

Looks like a Level 2 Icing Blob if I ever saw one.

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