Last week before the hubs bought his motorcycle I made him come with me to the hardware store to pick out paint.  I had decided that we must paint our bedroom TODAY a shade of 18% gray.  You know, a permanent gray card in my bedroom (all the photographers out there say heyyyy).  So I drag him to the paint section and God forbid, I ask him to help me decide which paint color.  ANOTHER DECISION.  Shoes and paint and motorcycles and LEMONS all in one weekend?  So after twenty hours debating which gray to choose we walk out of the store with a gallon in hand.  Immediately after purchasing the motorcycle we start painting. 

And I love it.  Oh gray how you make me so happy.  Our room was finally being pulled together but my shoes still had no place of their own.  A couple of over door racks that look pretty tacky isn’t cutting it anymore.  I voice my concerns to the hubs and he comes up with the most brilliant idea.  Shelves!  For my shoes!  Shelves just for shoes!  That’s why I love this man, he cares about my shoes!

We headed to our favorite flat box store, IKEA to pick up six shelves to showcase my pride and joy.

I gave the hubs a shelf originally and when he came in to see how everything looked he realized how many shoes I had to cut out to make this work, and let me have his shelf.  Is he not the greatest?  He is officially forgiven for forgetting that he does in fact like lemon in his water.

My euphoric weekend ended on a sad note when my iPhone died.  Technically it is eligible for upgrade, but I have been holding out for the new release this summer.  My phone is completely unresponsive to anything.  And I was winning that game of Monopoly!  Hopefully the Apple Geniuses will give me a ray of hope, and maybe skim over that tiny little detail that my warranty has been expired for a year.

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