Field Obsession and Hi to my 3 followers!

Last night I was at a track meet with all of the high schools in the county.  But this track meet was a bit extraordinary.  The champions of the race were special needs students, and they had a team full of “regular” high school students cheering them on and running alongside them.  It’s seriously one of the most inspirational things I could imagine, watching those high schoolers that could easily be out looking for a date for Friday night instead choose to cheer on a special needs classmate.

Anyways, the point of that whole last paragraph was to bring it back around to me.  Selfless just like those high school students, I know.  I was talking to a few of my friends when I was there and guess what?  THEY READ MY BLOG!  Here I was all this time thinking I’m writing stories to keep my sissy occupied while she’s at work (cause hey, who actually does work at work anyways?) and come to find out I have three people reading this little blog.  THREE PEOPLE FOLKS.  If only the popular kids could see me now!

Now about that field obsession… in the past year or so I’ve discovered my love for fields.  The messier the better.  So when I was living in New York and planning a wedding in Maryland I would ask my mom to help me with some things that could only be done in Frederick.  Like find a location to take our wedding photos.  I told her I wanted a field with lots of tall grass, maybe a wheat field.  So I get into town Thursday before the wedding and she’s all “Joan, I looked all over Frederick and I can’t find a field anywhere.”  And I’m all, “This is Frederick, home of The Great Frederick Fair, The Frederick Keys AND FIELDS.”

On Friday, literally hours before the rehearsal dinner sissy and I were driving maybe 30 seconds past our house and found “The Field.”  With a little pushing from sissy we drove up the crazy long driveway and knocked on the door.  When no one answered we naturally went to the back of the house and knocked on that door.  A lady answered and I rambled my “Hi, I’m getting married tomorrow and I would love to take my wedding pictures in your field…” speech.  The lady was nice enough to let me finish before telling me she was the maid and would have the homeowner call me when she got home.

Long story short, the homeowner said yes!

The first field:

I showed you one of the pictures from when I made my friend put her baby in a rocking chair in the middle of a field.  Then her baby fell out of said chair and was NOT HAPPY.  Again, so sorry.

Next I made my friends who were on their way to senior prom climb down the steepest hill in Frederick to stand in the middle of weeds.  They were all “Here??”  And I was all “um…please?”

And most recently when my friend Ashley agreed to let me snap a couple pictures of her 8 months pregnant with baby Lexi we of course went to a field.  One of my favorite fields yet:

I think it must be something about spending so much time taking pictures in the concrete jungle that makes me so obsessed with fields.

Thanks to all of the ladies who were courageous enough to brave the weeds, the potential snakes and the possibility of babies falling off chairs to get these pictures.

Who’s next?

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