Phone Killer

My beloved iPhone has been slowly dying for the last 6 months.  When I lived in NY I had no problems with it.  Ever.  I move to Maryland and my phone decides to punish me by dropping calls like it’s its job, choosing not to receive important texts and alerting me of voicemails days after they were left.  Exactly what you would expect from a cutting edge phone, no?

But being the stubborn redhead that I am I decided to wait until summer before upgrading my phone.  Why?  Because Apple always releases a new phone in the summer, and I am determined to wait until said phone gets released.  And I was making do.  Until one Sunday afternoon the phone decided not to turn on.  I made an appointment at the Genius Bar for first thing Monday morning and when I got there the tech got my phone turned on, but guess what?!  The contacts were erased! 

Yes, I’m fully aware that they should have been synced to my computer, and that AT&T offers a free backup service, but NO I DID NOT DO THOSE THINGS.  Stop asking. 

I don’t want to start one of those “I lost my phone numbers, send me your number” group on Facebook, but um I lost all of my numbers…send me your number.

Oh and did I forget to mention that even though the phone turned on, the only way to have conversations was with the phone on speaker phone?  I looked pretty cool walking through the mall talking to my friends on speaker.  Yes, that was me.  I’m sorry.

Still, I was determined to not buy a new phone.  By this point the 4G model of the iPhone had already been leaked.  What do you think I am, crazy?? I’m not going to buy the ancient 3GS when the 4G is within grasp.

So two days after the “Genius” got my phone turned back on, with its amazing ability to only work on speaker, it dies again. 

Until the new phone is released I am using the hubs’s old Palm Treo.  And let me tell you, after having the iPhone this thing looks like and acts like a dinosaur.  I’ve had 3 voicemails on this phone that I have yet to retrieve in the week I’ve been using it.  The hubs is a nerd for a living, AND THIS USED TO BE HIS PHONE but he couldn’t figure out how to get the voicemails.  So I caved and took it to the AT&T store where the employee failed to retrieve my voicemails.

And let’s not get me started on email.  I told it to only retrieve the last 3 days of emails.  It got my emails from December 2008.  Can’t figure that one out.

Not to mention no wifi, the internet doesn’t work and there’s no Monopoly app.  Heck, for that matter THERE ARE NO APPS.  No Facebook, no Google Maps, no weather.

I want my iPhone back.

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