1 Queen sized bed, 4 critters.

The hubs and I upgraded our full bed to a queen a couple of days ago after far too many nights of getting pushed out of the bed by the dog, and me waking up with no covers only to discover the hubs had stolen them and then the dog laid down on top of them making it virtually impossible for me to retrieve any for myself. 

First thing we do is put sheets on the bed.  The hubs decides to take the dirty sheets we’ve just taken off our full bed and try to stretch them to fit onto the queen.  He is convinced that they are full/queen size, which I am convinced they are not.  Let’s just say that after A LOT of stretching of the sheets, and 4 puckered corners of a queen mattress the sheets are on.  I still say they do not fit, the hubs still stands behind his claim that they do.

It’s really strange going from the feeling of “I’m going to fall off of the bed, and be cold in the process” to “Hey!  I can actually roll over and NOT fall off!”  And now that we have all of this extra space the dog naturally has moved from sleeping at our feet to sleeping between our heads.  NATURALLY.  What a joy it has been getting kicked in the head during a bad dream, or the largest tail you ever did see slapping you in the face during a good one.

Well this morning the dog was sweet enough to snuggle with me for .05 seconds before jumping up and barking at a noise he heard outside.  When he got up I looked down at the area he had been sleeping AND SEE A TICK.  It was brown and was camouflaged perfectly by our full queen sized brown sheets.  So I of course hit the hubs to wake him up and say “WHAT IS THAT??”  And he’s all “A tick.”  And rolls over and goes back to sleep.

Great.  I get a tissue, pick it up and realize it’s dead.  Apparently it’s a good thing I chased the dog around for 2 hours last month trying to put Advantix on him.  You better believe I’ll be scheduling him a vet appoint this afternoon.  I’m one of those doggie moms.

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