Icing Blobs are Hereditary.

I’m in my mid-twenties.  It’s official.  I’ve been teasing the hubs for the last 5 months as he entered what I like to call his “late twenties” and I remained in my early twenties.  I’ve officially crossed over into my mid twenties.  Old, I know.

This past Sunday we celebrated Mother’s Day and my birthday with my family.  For lunch I made my Mom yummy croque monsieur and we enjoyed some bakery bought cupcakes of various flavors.  With a slurpee, of course. 

For dinner my dad made my favorite roast, with asparagus, salad, texas toast and corn on the cob.  YUM.  I was thoroughly enjoying my home cooked meal when Mom disappeared and reappeared with THE CAKE.  She knows I don’t like regular cake so she went to three different stores to find an Angel Food cake mix.  Bless her. 

Unfortunately the decorating of the cake did not turn out as well as the cake itself.  As we’re sitting there eating the cake we notice that the whipped cream frosting is not really holding up so much.  I started laughing and told the hubs to get out his phone to take a picture.  Mom was mid sip when I made the picture request and she started laughing so hard she had to run to the sink to spit out her drink.  She knew that picture would make its way to this blog.  How right she was.

She told me today that she couldn’t sleep last night because she was afraid of what I would say.  Naturally that means I must include a photo in this post.

So…the cake may not have looked so fancy, but it sure tasted amazing.  Mom added a strawberry center, which made it all the more better. 

Apparently the ability to make icing blobs is a genetic trait.

Then the fam showered me with gifts!  Ah the gifts.  If anyone has ever seen that episode of Friends where Rachel turns 30 they all get gifts off of her list, and they scold Tag when he gets her a gift that was not on the list.  That’s kind of what my birthday looked like this year.  I knew what I wanted and was oh so surprised when that’s what I opened.

The first thing: Nook from Barnes and Noble

(Sorry these pictures are so bad…I’ve been waiting for TWO WEEKS for the hubs to get his camera back.  He took it to California on a business trip and shipped it back.  I’ve been asking every day like a little kid “Did the camera come today?  Did the camera come today?”  He always says no.  It’s a camera!  Why did you have to ship it back?  Don’t you know I have a BLOG TO WRITE??)

I seriously love this thing.  It’s an e-reader, just like the Kindle from Amazon, but so much better.  It can read multiple formats (which means the ability to download free books from the library!) and has more free books than the Kindle offers books.  The free books suck, but THEY’RE FREE!!  Woot woot!

So Nook was a gift from the hubs and my parents got me the Kate Spade cover I had been lusting over.

(she kept her nose in a book)

(and her head in the clouds)

Tell me you don’t want one with matching Kate Spade cover?  I was getting a pedicure earlier today and felt kinda silly sticking my nose in what appeared to be a day planner for an hour and a half.  But whatevs, it’s amazing.

Happy mid twenties to me, and all of the bookworms out there.

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