Blog Obsessed

A year ago if you would have asked me what my favorite blog was I would have been all “Hmmm… blog?”  And here I am, blogging away with 5 people faithfully reading along as I chronicle my everyday life.  And I faithfully follow many fellow bloggers, famous ones and close friends whose blog helps me stay a little more connected.

One that I found a few months ago and immediately became obsessed with is The Chloe Conspiracy.  I’m seriously in love.  She posts outfits (and where to purchase the pieces, along with similar styles if the original is no longer available) and sales of the day.  It has made my love of shopping grow oh so much more. 


Doggie Love

Out of focus, but the only full length photo that I don’t look completely ridiculous.  I definitely feel more comfortable behind the camera than in front of it.

Shorts and Shoes

Shorts and Shoes together!

Toby trying to steal the spotlight…


Happy shopping friends!

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