Add Sewing Machine Killer to that list…

A couple of weeks ago I blogged about the death of my beloved iPhone.  This week it’s the death of my sewing machine.  And my grandmother’s.  And my mother’s. 

I was working on a couple new pillows and my machine just stops working.  So, I grab my grandmother’s sewing machine that I have in storage.  It was the only thing I asked for after she passed and I used to use it all the time.  But the only presser foot I could find was the wrong one, so the machine failed to operate.  Next I move on to my mom’s machine.  It’s older than I am and weighs about ninety pounds.  Bobbin holder breaks.  It’s a no go.

I had my mom call up one of her friends and ask if I could borrow her machine, and luckily I managed to only break the needle, not the entire machine.

My grave yard of sewing machines:

So I finally get THE FOURTH MACHINE set up and I’m sewing away and my dad comes in and is all “You seem to be doing a lot of projects lately…do you know who else does a lot of projects?”  I KNOW DAD, I’M BECOMING MY MOTHER.  Watch out Frederick, who knows what will happen when you have two project loving crazies on the loose!

To complete all of these pillows it cost me $18 (and three sewing machines).  One pillow sham on sale at Crate and Barrel was $94.  Not a bad savings, if I do say so myself.

Brady has a desire to always be in the center of attention.

I also added some of the fabric from the pillows to the pleats in my $14 bed skirt, to give it a custom made look.  Not bad, eh?

And finally a shot of our new New York City map.  It doesn’t help our homesickness from the greatest city on earth to go to sleep every night and wake up every morning and look at a map of the city you love.

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