More Birthdays…

Today is my big sissy’s birthday, and tomorrow is my little cousin’s birthday.  And by little cousin I mean six days younger than me and a foot taller. I’m pretty sure the three of us can safely say we were planned pregnancies.

My sister and I even had the same due date— May 15th.  The running family joke is that I was born early, she was born late, and it’s been like that ever since.  Seriously, the girl would not know punctuality if it slapped her in the face.

Mom’s a teacher, so she planned us so that we would be born 6 weeks before the school year ended.  That way she got her allotted maternity leave and it would run straight into her summer vacation.  Pretty snazzy idea, eh?

So in honor of my sister entering her LATE TWENTIES and my cousin entering her mid twenties (welcome to the club, cuz) I’ve made a little family photo album to share.

(These were all cropped in my scrapbook, so that’s why some of them are in silly shapes.  Mom jumped on the scrapbooking bandwagon with everyone else a few years back and as a result all of our pictures have been cut up and glued onto paper.)

Here’s Mom and her twin sister Aunt Joan.  I bet seeing identical twins with matching baby bumps was quite a sight to strangers.  Can you tell which one is my mom?

You can’t?  I think it’s pretty obvious she’s the one on the right!  (By the way, cute top Aunt Joan!  Is that a built in turtleneck?)

Remember how your mom always made you pose for the most ridiculous photos as you were growing up?  You don’t?  That was just my mom?  Apparently it was payback for what her mom made her do when she was 8 months pregnant…

Aunt Joan looks even more thrilled than my mom to be doing this hat dance.

From then on out these two decided it would be cute to dress their daughters (read myself and my cousin Caroline) in matching outfits.  No idea how Merridith managed to get spared the matching outfit trend…

Caroline and my first birthday party.  I look pretty jealous about her bottle of milk.

Look!  Caroline finally started to grow some hair!

This is one of my all time favorite memories at my Nanny and Pop-pop’s beach house in Chincoteague, Virginia.  We were bored because there was no cable (THE HORROR) so we decided to dress up like our Nanny and Pop-pop.  A pretty accurate rendition, if I do say so myself.

(By this point in our lives our moms finally stopped dressing us alike.  Maybe they finally realized we’re not fooling anyone, we don’t look like twins!!)

And finally, just for fun… Another goodie from the beach house:

I love that in the middle of me throwing a tantrum my mom thought it would be a good opportunity for a Kodak moment.  Memories.

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