In honor of my last day of Community College…

FOR THE SEMESTER, PEOPLE.  No, I am not graduating.  That being said I have no idea if I’ll be at community college next semester, or at real college, or if my parents will kick me out for not making their cocktails strong enough and I’ll be hanging out with that guy outside of Wal-Mart holding a poster and a cup.  But I digress.

Back to community college!  This semester I’ve had a handful of jocks in my Physical Sciences class and they have reminded me what it’s life to be back in middle school.  During class one day we’re talking about the quest to find renewable energy sources and Jock A shouts out “Why don’t we just create a new sun?” 

I have no idea how the professor kept a straight face as she said “Why don’t you go home and research how the sun was formed and see how difficult that would be.”

Just mere days later we are talking about density and how things more dense than water will sink.  But there is the exception in the case of surface tension, where a thin film of plastic is formed on the surface of water and things like paper clips and bugs can actually stand on top of the water.  So Jock B blurts out “Then how come we can’t walk on water?  That one guy did it!!”

Um, JESUS??!!  It’s no wonder they separated church and state, or we’d be pondering even more of these well thought out religious conundrums. 

If anyone is looking for a school to attend next semester the community college doesn’t make cuts.

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