Abnormally Excited

About two things: the Nordstrom half-yearly sale that began today and the Mac keynote address on June 7th.  New outfit, here I come!  New iPhone, here I come!

First I tried to convince my mom to call in sick and come shopping with me.  She loves a good sale, so why not?  Well, that didn’t go over well so I had no shopping partner.  Then I asked my friend Ashley if she wanted to come, and she agreed.  But then yesterday morning she’s all, “I’m 9 centimeters dilated and waiting for the doctor to come break my water.”  So does that mean you can’t make it to the sale?

After dinner last night Mom and I head over to the hospital to visit Ashley and new baby Lexi and the nurse says, “She’s still in PACU, but you can go wait in her room.”  Well I have no idea what PACU means, so I’m like “that nurse must not know what she’s talking about, come on Mom!”  We get to her room and Ashley is barely awake, and I’m all “see, she’s in here!”  Then I find out they had to take her in for an emergency c-section and had just then gotten back to her room after recovery.  Apparently PACU stands for Post Anesthesia Care Unit.  Whoops, didn’t know.

We sat there awkwardly as the pediatrician gave baby Lexi her first exam, then stayed for a couple of pictures and excused ourselves to let Ashley get some rest.  For the next hour Mom couldn’t stop talking about how embarrassed she was that we were there before Ashley’s parents even knew their granddaughter had been born.  Minor details, Mom. 

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