Have you heard of these things?

They’re called Silly Bandz and pretty much they’re a rubber band shaped like an animal, princess, shoe etc. and the kids wear them on their wrist.  The elementary school kids I nanny wear them and the high school kids I know wear them. 

So anyways, I picked up a pack for my mom after we had a discussion about this new fad.  She gave them out to the kids in her class and I quote “Here, you look like a hippo, have the hippo one.  You look like a giraffe, this one is for you.”  Apparently the kids swarmed her desk trying to get one of these little rubber band things.

After she realized these things are hot commodities she made me go all over Frederick looking for more.  Sold out everywhere.  And as we were going from store to store looking for them we even happened upon a few other people looking for them.  Insane.  I never thought my life would come down to driving around for hours looking for rubber band shaped animals.  I felt like I was looking for that beanie baby I just had to have when I was in the sixth grade.

I need to come up with a stupid idea that will make me a millionaire ASAP.

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