Jean did it again.

Mom and I were out running some errands the other day and saw a sectional that way gorgeous, and priced way below what it should have been.  Mom told me I should buy it, since the hubs and I currently squeeze ourselves onto an over-sized chair, leaving no room for the dog (not that he would snuggle with us if we payed him in raw meat). 

You see, we had to sell our couch when we moved here because the way the stairs are set up a normal sized couch will not fit.  But a sectional, now we’re talking.  It breaks down into multiple pieces and sets back up into a large sitting area!  Sounds perfect, right?

But the hubs and I have been trying to save up, to you know…not live in my parents basement one day, so I told my mom that the couch wasn’t in the budget.  So my amazing parents went out, without us knowing, rented a truck and brought the couch home.  It’s sitting in the garage in two boxes and I say, “Mom, did you think to measure if this box would fit down the stairs?”

She’s all, “It’s a sectional, of course it will fit!”

It doesn’t fit.

So as of right now the hubs and I are still squeezing ourselves into an over-sized chair while the most gorgeous sectional you ever did see is taking up his entire office.  When we eventually move out it should be perfect for our new place.

In the meantime Brady is helping us break it in.

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