Library Bags

I’m taking the kids I nanny to the library today to get their first library card.  My mom suggested that I make them “Library Bags” so that they have a place to put their books when they aren’t reading them, and then we’ll never get a late charge!  Brilliant!  Okay really, she was suggesting a project because we’re obsessed with projects.

Mom’s projects revolve around gardens, mine revolve around the sewing machine.

So Friday after the kids got out of school we headed to the craft store to pick out the fabrics for their bags.

Then I spent the better part of Saturday morning sewing the bags, while the hubs worked a bit more on his motorcycle.

The finished products:

Let’s just hope they don’t give out under the stress of UNLIMITED FREE BOOKS. 

I even added a little pocket to hold their library cards:

Brilliant, no?

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