The iPhone Saga Continues

You may remember a month or so back when I posted about how I had officially killed my iPhone.  After acquiring the hub’s Treo that did not work, and AT&T support could not get the voicemail, internet or email to work (while I was still paying a data plan that the said could not be removed) I decided to switch to a simple flip phone.  I knew the new iPhone announcement had to be coming any day, so I went to good old faithful: Craig’s List. 

Fast forward to June 7th and the new iPhone gets announced.  I’m beyond ecstatic.  I woke up at the crack of dawn this past Tuesday so I could pre-order my phone.  Log onto Apple’s website and it says “We’ll be back soon!”  Great.  This is just going to be great.  So I call the number that pops up on the screen.  “Please call back during normal business hours.”

Fine, I’ll try AT&T.  I log in to my account, get all the way to the final screen, enter my credit card number and then— nothing.  The site times out.  This happens about four times over the course of an hour and a half, so I get up and take a little break.  I come back to the computer ready to get my new iPhone!  Nothing happens.  Refresh.  I get a notice that I am not eligible for upgrade until October 2011.  What?

So I think, “Maybe my order actually went through?  But I never got any kind of confirmation or email.”  I go into “Order Status” and see this:

Well, it appears that I have reserved my iPhone.  600,000 sold on the first day and I am one of the lucky “few”.  It’s two days later though, and I’ve yet to receive a confirmation email, so I guess only time will tell.

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