Last Friday one of my closest friends, Kelly came down to visit me from New York.  I had to watch th

Last Friday one of my closest friends, Kelly came down to visit me from New York.  I had to watch the rugrats all day, so Kelly tagged along during our daily routines.  Except when it came time for their daily chores, then she had to go catch up on the Real Housewives of New York Reunion.  But I digress.

She also creeped a bit in a couple of photos I took of the kids during the day (I cropped out the kids because I am determined not to get Dooced):

Again, I digress.  Let me get to the real story:

After I drop the kiddos off at their house Kelly and I head down the road to visit one of her friends from college, Suzanne.  I’ve never met Suzanne before, but I like to pretend we’re bff’s so in this story I’ll call her Suz.

Suz, Kelly and I decide to go to the world’s best Italian restaurant…The Macaroni Grill.  I mean does it get any better?  FREE BREAD ANYONE?

We get seated and find out that our waitress will be Susan.  So now this story has a Suz and a Susan.  Keep up.

Susan comes over with a bottle of Pinot Grigio and I know the routine.  I come here four times a week.  Free sample!  Instead Susan doesn’t offer us a sample of the Pinot Grigio but tells us about the lemonade.  And the raspberry lemonade.  And the Coke, Diet Coke and Sprite options.  She then shoves a picture of an olive appetizer platter in Kelly’s face before removing our wine glasses, taking the bottle of Pinot and walking away.

Fifteen minutes later Susan is back to see if we wanted regular lemonade or raspberry lemonade.  I ask for Chianti. 

Susan: Wine!?!?!

Me: Uh, yea…

Susan: ID PLEASE!!!!!

I get out my ID, hand it to her and she looks back and forth between the ID and myself for a good 60 seconds.  Does the same with Suz and Kelly.  Then I swear on my Pop-pop’s grave she runs away.  Suz and Kelly yell out “Wait! We didn’t order yet!”

Thirty seconds later Susan is back with a bottle of Chianti and a wine glass.  She pours me a glass and then remembers to take Suz and Kelly’s drink orders.

Another fifteen minutes later our appetizer salads are out and Kelly and Suz have still not received their drinks.  I guess Susan doesn’t feel the need to run for them like she did for me.

Meanwhile at the next table there is a lady dining alone.  She got up to use the restroom and Susan assumed that she had skipped the bill.  So she cleared the lady’s table.  Lady comes back from the bathroom and her food and drink are gone.  Good going Susan.

As our meals arrive Suz and Kelly finally get their drinks and we toasted to our favorite waitress, Susan.  Tell the fine folks at the unemployment office we said hi!

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