A puppy, a baby and a pound of mac and cheese.

I’m up in Syracuse for the week visiting my friend Emilie who just bought a house a month ago.  Her daughter is nine months old and to add a little bit of extra fun to their life they got…a puppy!  He is ridiculously adorably, except when you remember he isn’t fully potty trained yet.

Let me tell you, this little guy is a smartie.  In the two days I’ve been here he’s learned sit, down, shake and stay.  He’s going through his crash course like a pro.  If only he could learn that Brady growling at him and running away does not in fact mean “Let’s play!” 

Yes, I brought Brady because doesn’t throwing an extra dog into the mix sound like fun!?  And did I forget to mention the cat?

Paired with a nine month old baby this house is filled with ridiculous cuteness and even more energy.  Unfortunately it was impossible to get a picture of the dog and the baby in together, because  not only would they not sit still on their own, but sitting still next to each other in time for me to grab my camera is not gonna happen.  And because the hubs wouldn’t let me take his camera with me because “he’s working and stuff.”  So a picture of the baby on her own:

Notice the pink toes?  Emilie and her husband gave the baby her very first pedicure and it was about the cutest thing I ever did see.

The trip to Syracuse was made complete by a Wegman’s stop, where I won a free 2 liter of WPop and bought a pound and a half of chocolate mints to go with my pound of fresh mac and cheese.  I’m very excited.

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