We gotta go get rice.

Apparently I’m not the only person that sucks at using an iPhone.  We were at the beach yesterday and it was blazing hot.  I mean you can’t sit for two minutes without sweat cascading out of every pore.

Of course the hubs was feeling great because he had his umbrella.  After about 30 seconds of torture my sister and I decided to get in the water.  I asked the hubs if he wanted to join us, but he said he was doing just fine from his spot in the shade.

Merridith and I braved the cold water and were enjoying our time together, when the hubs comes in the water.  We stayed in another two or three minutes before deciding to get out.  As we’re drying off the hubs says, “ohhh no….”

No.  You didn’t.

He did.

Left his iPhone (3G) in his pocket.  Now for months he’s been complaining that his company won’t let him upgrade because they aren’t renewing contracts with AT&T.  So, technically he could upgrade but it would cost 3x as much as it cost me to get a new phone.  And as much as the hubs wants an iPhone 4, he wants to see his money in the bank more.

Nice timing.

So as my parents are coming back from a walk we are packing up to leave the beach. They ask what we’re doing and I respond, “we gotta go get rice”.

We run off the beach to head to the grocery store.  I’ve heard that putting your wet phone in rice actually works, so we’re going to test it out.  Unfortunately the grocery store is about 6 miles from the beach, and you have to go 25mph the entire way.  And you better go the speed limit because the cops here love to ticket the tourists.  Going 25mph feels like you’re crawling on a normal day, but when you have a drenched iPhone on its way to the rice doctor it’s almost unbearable.  So now the iPhone is resting in a bed of rice, and only time will tell if the phone will pull through.

Pour rice

Insert iPhone

Add more rice

Wait 2 days and pray the rice does its job.

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