Family Photos

Yesterday afternoon the hubs and I went to a small sandwich shop here in Chincoteague as we were waiting for our subs we overhear the people behind the counter talking about how impersonal cell phones and texting are. They’re going on and on about it texting takes longer anyway (um, not for me) and about how it’s rude.

The hubs and I are literally standing three feet away and both of us on iPhones. I’m playing the game “Flight Control” that I’ve recently become obsessed with and he’s checking his email from my mom’s pink encased iPhone (remember his is out of service).

The man behind the counter is talking about how if people want to reach him they can call the sandwich shop or call him at home, and if he isn’t at one of those places he probably doesn’t want to be reached.

Huh? No cell phone at all? But how do you check your email when you aren’t at your computer?

Ah, the joys of a small town.

Then at night we went to watch the sunset on the bay, just like we used to do every night from Nanny and Pop pop’s house.

Recreating our favorite pose.

Super awesome sisters, we know.

If this is what thirty years of marriage looks like, I can’t wait.

I LOVE to ruin a good family photo.

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