I called the cops…on the cops.

Amongst all the fun and sun this week there was something that was bothering me.  I mean really bothering me.  I mean making my blood boil bothering me.

As I was trying to sleep a couple of nights ago I swore I heard a dog barking.  In the morning I asked everyone if they heard the dog, and they all said they hadn’t.  I chalked it up to me just missing my Brady.

Then as I’m leaving for the beach yesterday, around 11 or 12 I notice a dog in the yard that backs up to our rental property.  It’s in a five foot pen in FULL SUN on a 100+ degree day.  There is a tiny little dog house, but it doesn’t look large enough for the black lab to fit in.  The dog does have water, but it’s clearly been there for days, considering the amount of dead bugs on its surface.

As I stood there sweating from the heat undecided on what to do, I eventually gave up and went to the beach.  When I came back hours later the dog was still out there.  It was obvious that the dog sits in that tiny crate all day and all night.

Finally we decided the best thing to do would be call animal control.  But Chincoteague is too small, and has no animal control.  So we called the local police.  The lady that answered agreed this sounded like animal abuse and would send someone over.  We left to go to the boardwalk in Ocean City, so I never found out if someone came or not.

This morning as I’m looking out the back door I see a kid, probably 8 or 9 go out to the pen, open the door and throw in some food.  The dog is bouncing up and down, begging for attention but the kid just slams the gate back on the dog.

I decide to go over and ask if I can take the dog out for a bit on a walk.  I ask two teenagers that are working in the yard and they say, “It’s not our dog, it’s his.”  I look where they’re pointing and see… a patrol car.  With the officer and son standing right there.  I’m completely started, realizing now that I’ve called the cops.  On a cop.

So I say, “Can I take your dog for a walk?”  He says “No.”

I say, “It’s too hot for your dog to be out here, in full sun all day.  At least give him a bit of shade.”

He says, “It’s a dog.”

I respond, “He could die of heat exhaustion.”

The officer gets in his car without another word and I go over to the pen (fully aware he’s watching me) and pet the dog through the fence of the pen.  The dog was the sweetest thing, just licking me and begging for some attention.

I leave, and an hour later see a “No Trespassing” sign on the pen.  Looks like my next action will be to call Virginia Animal Control.  We’ll see what they have to say about this animal abuse.

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