Amish Country

When we left Chincoteague on Friday we headed straight for Lancaster, PA.  Also known as Amish Country.  This is hubs’ hometown, and no he was not raised Amish.  Or Mennonite.  Lame, I know.

Saturday morning he checks his email and sees that a co-worker has challenged everyone in the office to a little friendly competition.  Being that they work for a camera company his coworker points out that they don’t take many photos.  So everyone in the office must take a photo this weekend and the Denmark office will choose the winner, who will win a gift card.

This little challenge was exciting for me because the hubs almost never picks up the camera recreationally anymore.  He says that he only takes pictures of things he wants to show me, and since we are together for the majority of our time I’ve already seen everything he wants to show me.  A true artist.

When our niece was playing with playdoh I was like “Why don’t you take some pictures of this?” and he’s all, “Then I’ll have to go out to the car and get the camera.”

Wow, dedication.

Yes, her shirt does say “Dear Santa, I was super nice this year.”  She dresses herself, can you tell?

Then a couple of hours later our niece was blowing bubbles and Brady was loving the opportunity to chase them.  Once again I suggested he take some pictures, to which he begrudgingly agreed after I retrieved his camera.

I doubt he’ll submit any of these, but at least he’s picking up the camera again.

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