For all of you that aren’t friends with the hubs on Facebook, here is his phone.  It turns on and is slightly responsive, but it certainly doesn’t function like a normal phone.  Better yet an iPhone.

After barely a day in the rice the hubs took it out and was trying to get it to work.  I kept saying, “No, the internet said it needs to sit in rice for at least TWO days.”  And he’s all, “nah, if it’s gonna work it will work now.”  I would just like to point out that I was right.

The salt water really did a number to the phone, so he researched dipping the phone in rubbing alcohol.  That worked a bit to remove some of the salt that had clearly fried the circuits.  It’s still sitting in rice a week and a half later of hopes that it will continue to improve.  Once again, who pointed out that it should sit in rice longer?  Just saying.

Luckily for him, his work pays for his phone so they sent him a new iPhone 3GS.  Unlucky for him, he was shooting for the iPhone 4.

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