Ya wanna hear something funny?

Come on Mom, you had to see this one coming.

My sister moved out of my parents house 9 years ago.  I moved out 6 years ago (and then moved back after getting married, but that’s another story).  Anyways, the hubs and I live in the “Income Property” in my parents house, leaving my sister and my old bedrooms untouched.

And by untouched I mean my mom has completely cleared out any evidence that a teenager ever inhibited this room.  Let’s throw out everything in the room and make it cozy for guests!

My sister’s room on the other hand, now that’s a different story.  Mom does not dare touch anything in my precious sister’s room.  You ready for this?

An untouched shrine to my sister. 

That’s right folks, trophies, Boy Meets World Posters, stuffed animals and LOTS OF RANDOM CRAP.  To be fair to Jean, I told her anything in my room was fair game.  If I haven’t touched it in over six years I’m pretty sure I don’t want it now.  My sister on the other hand wants to hold on to all of her childhood memories.  And splash paint wallpaper.

Do I need to remind you what my room has turned into? I’m sure those swim ribbons and pictures from middle school made you forget my room already.

You remember now?  Not a trace of me left.  AND I LIVE HERE!  My sister visits once a year, if that.  This is bringing flashbacks of the forgotten grandchild.

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