Old New Furniture

My mom and her five sisters are in the process of cleaning out my Pop-pop’s house to put it on the market, so they told me whenever I could to come pick up the buffet I had asked for. 

Here’s the backstory on that:

Mere hours before I got “the call” that my Pop-pop had passed the hubs and I were in New York browsing CB2.  We fell head over heels in love with this dresser:

After Pop-pop’s viewing, we all went back to his house to reminisce about our grandfather and enjoy each others company.  And then I see it.  The buffet.  It’s been there my entire life, and I’m seeing it now for the first time.  So, I take a picture of it and send it to the hubs and say, “Look familiar?”  He agrees that it’s the world’s most perfect buffet.

I ask my mom if we could possibly have it, and she says “That buffet?  That one?!?”  And I’m all, “yea…please?”

Apparently everyone else was ready to send this treasure off to Goodwill.

I mean seriously, how perfect is it?  The hubs and I bought some handles for it, and we’re just about as happy as two people could be.

Before we left Pop-pop’s with the buffet we decided to run upstairs to look at the coffee table that my aunt had suggested we take.  She thought if we loved the buffet we might also love the coffee table.  The one that is nearly identical to the one in this W magazine editorial:

And boy was she right.  We loved it.  With a little sanding and wood stain this table will be perfect.

Brady approves of the old new furniture.

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