Unlimited food and Unlimited Scouts

Last night the hubs’s best friend Matt was in town for a few hours.  He wanted to catch the Great Frederick Keys, our minor league baseball team.  And by “Great” I actually mean “not so great”.  More like, 10 people come to the games and it’s considered crowded.  We go up to get our tickets for their all you can eat and drink special, and the lady tells us that they’re sold out of that special.  SOLD OUT??  How in the world can they possibly be sold out?  There are literally five people in the entire stadium.

Now we have a conundrum.  Clearly we weren’t going to the game for the excellent athletic abilities, so we had to decide what we could possibly eat that would make up for the loss of the all you can eat game.  The men decided a buffet was in order.

We drive over to the Golden Corral excited about our people watching and endless steak.  When we walk in the lady at the door asks, “Are you here with the bus?”  Um…what bus?  We decided we better hurry and get in and get our grub before some bus came.

Literally seconds later the scouts come.  Just a few at first, and then it was like bees swarming the nest.  Hundreds start coming in.  Bus after bus, scout after scout.

Everywhere you looked it was a sea of khaki uniforms and red hats.  Meanwhile, the hubs and I have lost Matt and turn around to see him “like a salmon swimming upstream.”  He has literally cut in front of all of the scouts and is walking up and down the buffets like he was the only person there.  A true New Yorker.

Then we went out afterward and the boys watched baseball on their phones. 

It just feels so great having such attentive company.

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