Back to where we started. Literally.

This is the big announcement I’ve been waiting weeks to share, and I’ve finally told everyone that I possibly could in person, so now the internet gets the big news!!

The hubs and I are moving back to New York.  And by “moving back” we literally mean back into our old apartment.

Back into the apartment Jon lived in when we got engaged, back into the apartment where we celebrated our first New Years as a couple and back into the apartment we brought Brady home to when he was just a couple of weeks old.

I’ve absolutely loved my time in Maryland, and while being close to family is so amazing, Jon and I just knew that something was missing.  We had left our jobs, our friends and our church back in New York and just weren’t finding that satisfaction in Maryland.  I was lucky enough to find an amazing family to nanny for, and if I could transplant them to New York I would in a heartbeat. 

So you ask, “How are you literally ending up where you started?”  Well, the hubs and I absolutely loved our apartment (that started off as his apartment) in Astoria.  For all of you that don’t know New York, Astoria is in the borough of Queens, which is one of the five boroughs of New York City.  It’s about a 10 minute subway ride to Manhattan, and in that 10 minute subway ride you save a crapload of money in rent, and get a larger space to boot.  This took me a lot of time to understand, because literally for the first two years that I knew the hubs (back then he was known as “the best friend”) I refused to visit him in Astoria.

So the hubs and I had been pondering for a couple of months “to move or not to move?” and had pretty much decided the answer was “to move”.  We’re sitting there having brunch with my folks one day when my mom starts talking about the renovations she’s going to be doing to our already amazing apartment.  The hubs and I look at each other, and without speaking we know we need to tell her NOW before she starts tearing up stuff for us, and we’re not even going to be there to appreciate it.

They took the news as best as could be expected, and we reassured them that we weren’t planning on moving until September or October at the earliest.

Then I start asking the hubs to call our old landlord, just on the off chance that our old place might be available (he owns a town house, and rents out the upper level and lives on the lower level).  Well, of course the hubs doesn’t call.  The next day I ask the hubs to call, and he doesn’t call.  This happens for three or four days before I decide to stop nagging the hubs, because most likely the apartment is not available.  We moved out two years ago in May, so the chance that it’s going to be available in September or October are slim.

Well, the very next day after I stop nagging our old apartment appears on an ad on Craig’s List.  Now the hubs is in trouble.  I told him to call.  And did he call?  No.  Now we have to compete with a gazillion other Craig’s Listers that DO NOT HAVE DOGS. 

Luckily, for the hubs, he gets in contact with our old landlord and he’d love to have us back.  Except he wants us to move in August 1st.  AUGUST FIRST?  As in this August?  It was way sooner than we had planned on, so we settled on August 15th. 

So there you have it.  That’s how two people and a dog end up back where they started, two years later.

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