Bye Bye My Love, My Mini

When the hubs and I decided we were for sure moving, and then our new old apartment fell into our laps we realized it was time to get rid of a car.  Most New Yorkers don’t have one car, better yet two.  We had no need for two cars, and decided that the Mini was the least practical car (and would not be paid off as soon as the Honda) so the Mini would be the one we’d say goodbye to. 

So the hubs listed it on a website that had really great ratings with the Better Business Bureau, and boasted the majority of cars were sold within two months.  That sounds perfect.  Within a week of listing the car we had about five offers, and ended up going with a man in Connecticut who bought the car sight unseen.  He flew in a couple of days later and drove the car back with him.  Wow.  That was unexpected.

Before we said goodbye to my beloved Mini I asked the hubs to take a couple of pictures of me with it.  I so loved this car and got emotional watching it drive away with its new owner.

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