Come and get your chicken nuggets!

Speaking of Melissa, I haven’t gotten the chance to officially announce on my blog that she’s expecting!

Although I was pretty positive a good two months before she made the announcement, now that she’s officially out with the news I can tell her how I knew she was pregnant before she announced it.

Let’s just say she’s pretty obvious when she talks for an hour before going out to dinner about how great this restaurants cream soda is, and then when we all order $3 beers she *shocker* orders cream soda.  Little instances like that went on the entire weekend that the hubs and I stayed with Melissa and her husband back in May.

Anywho, we couldn’t be more thrilled for the parents to be and I was pumped that we would be living a couple of blocks away.  That meant I could host the baby shower!

Decorations and invitations and mimosas!!  (Is alcohol not normal at a baby shower?  Maybe you haven’t been to one of my baby showers).

Then I realized.  Crap.  I can’t make delicious finger foods for these ladies!  I’m a nanny and all I know how to cook is chicken nuggets with a side of mac and cheese.

Luckily Melissa and I have a good friend Sarah who is so beyond amazing at cooking she has a blog to prove it.  There’s a reason I’ve never posted a recipe on this blog.  I don’t cook.  Did you know that you can actually make pasta from scratch?  Sarah makes pasta from scratch a few times a year.  Yea, I know.

I can’t wait to move back to Astoria to enjoy the company of these talented ladies!  And get cheap manicures.

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