American Express to the rescue.

You may remember last week when I dropped and completely shattered my brand new iPhone.  When I took it to the Genius Bar at Apple the “Genius” told me that my only option was to buy a replacement for $200.  Which I did.

Now here’s my schpeal about credit cards.  Some people say they’re the worst things ever and will get you into a lot of trouble, but the hubs loves credit cards.  In a good way, I promise.  We put all of our expenses on the credit card and pay it off in full each month.  Not only do we have amazing credit for doing so, but we also get amazing rewards.  Like free plane tickets, gift cards to fancy restaurants and department stores.  Every time I want a big purchase the hubs says, “Oh, let me see what I can get with the rewards.”  It can be annoying because I WANT IT NOW, but hubs prefers the “wait a couple of days and you can get it for free” mentality.  Yea, ok whatever.

He treasures his American Express, claiming it’s the card with the best rewards, and after yesterday I will agree that it does in fact have the best rewards.

Back to the Apple store…when the hubs took out his American Express card to pay for the replacement phone the Genius says, “Did you buy the iPhone on that card?”

Me: Yea…

Genius: Well, Am Ex has an electronics warranty of their own, so you should check with them and maybe they will cover this purchase.

We think fat chance, thank the Genius and leave the store.  When we got home the hubs pulled up his policy, and sees that Am Ex does in fact cover electronics.  They have a 90 day policy on new electronics, where they will completely cover any loss, theft or damages.  INCLUDING ACCIDENTS!  In addition, they extend any electronic warranty for a full year past its expiration.  That means our television, our computer, AND MY IPHONE all have an extra year warranty.  AND IT WAS FREE.

We submitted our claim to Am Ex, and less than two weeks later we have a check for the full price of the phone.  Now folks, if that isn’t great service I don’t know what is.

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